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RAFA incorporated in 1956 in the Netherlands is international renowned

for its top quality aluminium marine windows- and glazing systems RAFA has gained a sound reputation in international shipping industry for more than

half a century.


Its unique aluminium windows are custom made for all kinds of naval projects, f.e. mega- and superyachts, Inland navigation, passenger vessels, tugs etcetera. The windows are fitted with Marine glazing systems according to valid norms and comply with the regulations of relevant classification societies.


RAFA offers a wide variety in marine glazing systems f.e. stormshutterfree laminated glazing systems, insulating glazing with improved values, electric heated-, fire or bulletresistant, noise reduction, and complex curved glassblades.


RAFA glazing is (chemically) thoughened according to all relevant norms.
For the super- and megayacht industry glazing is produced to specific
high-quality specifications. Our specialists travel all over the world to fit and seal the glazing-systems into the Rafa framing to ensure a perfect result.



 super- & megayachting