Super- & megayachting


In the super- and megayacht industry the significance of marine glass and windows is increasing. Glass facades replace the typical classic framed windows and improved glass reinforcement techniques guarantee thinner glass constructions resulting in serious weight reduction !


Complex 2 and 3D curved glazing can now more easily be produced whilst the sizes for individual curved glass-blades increase due to larger

manufacturing facilities.


Enhanced spectrometric values for marine glass improve the on-board climate, while reducing the operational costs for climate control systems.


Onboard survey and digital 3D scanning techniques guarantee a perfect fit for both aluminium and steel weld-in frame constructions as well as marine glass.


RAFA Windows and marine glazing offers a complete range of custom made products and services for all marine window- and glass requirements:


-  Calculations and engineering

-  Class approval

-  In house static test facilities

-  Design and production of aluminium framing construction

-  Production of all types of marine glass

-  World-wide fitting services

-  High quality end-products




 super- & megayachting